We are excited to present the new Vision for our Children’s Ministry.

MPBC values our children and families, and we are committed to helping them thrive in every way we can. Due to transitions and reductions in staff there has been growing concern from leadership, parents, and families about the direction of our Children’s Ministry. After listening to these concerns, Rev. Katie Suddeth, Interim Associate Minister, and Shaina Hinds, Interim Director of Children’s Ministry, went to work on developing a vision statement to guide our Children's Ministry going forward.

The starting point was incorporating the missions of the church: Inclusivity, Spirituality, Community, and Justice. These four mission words provided the framework for each of the value point statements, that when combined, made up our Children's Ministry Vision Statement. The Vision Statement was presented to senior staff and leadership for review, feedback, and final approval.

This has been an intentional, dedicated, month-long process with the goal of developing a vision statement that could be lived out by the church. These are not just statements of hopes for the Children's Ministry but are commitments the church is making to the children and families at MPBC.

In addition to these statements, it is our priority to keep everyone safe, especially children and youth, while they are on our campus. On Sunday mornings, we have a professional security team providing protection. We also strictly adhere to our Children's and Youth Protection Policy. Every staff member and volunteer must be trained on the policy and pass a background check before they begin working with our children and youth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rev. Katie Suddeth or Shaina Hinds.

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