Ministry of Justice and Outreach 


Justice is what love looks like in 


-Dr. Cornel West

The Ministry of Justice and Outreach (MOJO) seeks to give life and breath to our goal of boldly practicing the compassion and justice of Jesus by working with the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. We are motivated by our faith and by the harm caused by our individual, communal, and systemic sins rooted in bias favoring the powerful and privileged.

As good stewards of our resources, we seek to maximize intersectional impact as we stand in solidarity with those deeply involved in the complex issues of social justice in our community. We will not shrink from courageous public positions on these issues. However, we recognize the danger of blindly imposing our will on marginalized communities and seek relational engagement with the communities we serve, believing that working alongside our partners enriches all involved.



In order to help us operationalize this mission, we have developed an approach that focuses our work on three main issues: educational justice, environmental justice, and economic justice. We acknowledge the intersectionality of these issues. Further, in our mission to work with the marginalized in our society, in our model here, we recognize that certain groups are disproportionately affected by these injustices. Thus, we seek to specifically support, honor, and empower our LGBTQ+ friends, our immigrant neighbors, and those identifying as women. Most poignantly, we acknowledge the pervasive role of race throughout society and the negative influence of individual and systemic racism often ingrained in these three issues.

Areas of


Educational justice


environmental justice


economic Justice