Children's Music

Make a Joyful Noise

While our children's musical groups participate in worship services from time to time, that is not a requirement for participation. If you belong to another religious organization or are not religious but want your child to have a great musical experience, all are welcome here!

Birth to 3 years old - 5:15-5:30 p.m.

Children up to three years of age are invited to come with an adult companion to engage in various age-appropriate musical activities that set a foundation for a sense of steady beat: clapping, marching, and other playful activities.

4 years old to 5th Grade - 5:15-6:15 p.m.

Elementary aged children are invited to meet in age-appropriate groups for a fun and educative experience in music.

4 year olds through Kindergarteners focus on movement, musical games, pitch matching/singing, and rhythm activities that will utilize instruments. 

1st Grade through 5th Grade focus on playing Orff instruments (instruments like and including xylophones), singing, musical games, and either hand chimes (grades 1-2) or handbells (grades 3-5).

This Winter's Theme

Acts of service

Last fall we focused on our inner world, exploring our gifts, and strengths and building relationships and inner confidence. This winter we will be exploring needs outside of ourselves and ways to give through acts of service. We'll learn about activists and organizations that help others and discover ways that we can be of service to our families, schools, churches, and our community.

everybody can sing!

BIG or small LOUD or soft. everyBODY was made to SPEAK! SING! And SHOUT! ! In our greatest joys and in deepest reflection we use our voices to project our most important thoughts, and create a sense of belonging within our community. At MPBC we encourage everyBODY to sing their unique song because MUSIC is for everyBODY♥️

Everybody can move!

ROUND or lean, TALL or small, everyBODY can MOVE. Whether running, stretching, jumping, dancing, skipping or standing in complete stillness, your body is creative and expressive. It can be funny, serious, silly, bold and strong all at once! At MPBC we encourage everyBODY to be expressive because MOVEMENT is for everyBODY♥️

Everybody can create!

BRIGHT or moody, thin lines or broad strokes, everyBODY is creative. Physical expression of creative thought connects mind and body and speaks volumes! Painting, crafting, mixed media, improvisation, and songwriting will all take the center stage in our work together. At MPBC we encourage everyBODY to put beauty and artistry into the world, because CREATIVITY is for everyBODY♥️

Everybody can play!

WILD or quiet, structured or explorative -being playful and curious are the building blocks to good emotional health. It's how we communicate our needs when we are small, and create community as we grow. Together, we will explore PLAY through creative dance, art, instruments and more. At MPBC we encourage everyBODY to be playful and free because JOY is for everyBODY♥️