Spiritual Growth at MPBC

Get excited! Spiritual Growth classes begin September 17, 2023! Whether you want to study and question scripture with a small group, hear dynamic guest speakers from the community, or deconstruct your faith, we have a class for you! So be sure to read next week’s weekly with the Fall semester class offerings and we hope you will join us!

What is Spiritual Growth?
Spiritual Growth is our ministry that provides opportunities for individual and communal growth. We have diverse opportunities to match the diverse needs and outlooks of those who entrust us with cultivating spiritual growth experiences.

When are classes?
Sunday classes begin Sunday, September 17 and the last class for 2023 is November 19.
Wednesday classes begin Wednesday September 13, and the last class in 2023 will be November 15. (Stay tuned for more about Wednesdays!)

Do I need to sign up?
No, just show up. Your leaders may ask for your contact information to keep you up to date on any changes to the schedule via email or phone.

Can I attend online?
Sure! This semester, we are offering one class virtually on Sundays and one on Wednesdays. You can also get material/resources, handouts, etc. by connecting with any class leader. Faith & Community class even records many of their guest lectures for your convenience!

What about kids/youth?
We have classes on both Sundays and Wednesdays for them as well! See below and contact Candace Williamson for children or Rev. Tara Gibbs for youth related questions.

Spiritual Growth Options for Adults

Reading in Community

9:00 am | Parlor
Led by Alicia Dunn

You don't have to wonder about scripture on your own; join us for a relaxed, group bible study, as we question, discuss, and meditate on the Bible together.

Format: Traditional Study of the Bible
Audience: Adult- Small Group

Exploring Spiritual Togetherness

11:15 am | Parlor
Led by Jenny Martella and Dr. Jen Troyer

Join us for meaningful discussion around Scripture and your daily life! Each week, we talk current news events, ask critical questions, draw from scripture as a guide for contextualizing, and think deeply together.

Format: Weekly “The Wired Word”
Audience: Adult- Small Group

Faith & Community

11:15 am | Shalom Hall
Led by Bruce Elliott

What can our community leaders and influencers teach us as a people of faith? Join us for guest speakers each week who will cover a variety of topics to challenge us to live out our faith in community. We draw heavily on the arts, literary, social and spiritual issues as viewed from a faith perspective.

Format: Guest Speaker| Topical Lectures
Audience: Adult - Large Group

"Help My Unbelief!"

11:15 am | Library/Hybrid
Led by Dr. Gerardo Martí

Between conflicted feelings and constant social change, getting a handle on belief in God, etc., can be complicated. Whether coming from a deeply churched past or a newly forming (or re-forming) faith, let’s explore together how we might find spiritual grounding, connecting our personal experiences to profound historical and sociological shifts.

Format: Theological Study/Discussion
Audience: Adult- Small Group
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Spiritual Growth for Youth

For 6th-12th graders
11:15 am | Conference Room
Led by Rev. Tara Gibbs and Marcy McClanahan

Where does faith, scripture, and the Church fit into the already busy lives of today's teenagers? Do these things even matter anymore? Join us in discussion and fun activities to tackle these hard-hitting questions each week!

Format: Guided Discussion from Illustrated Ministry
Activities: Discussion, Crafts, Games

Spiritual Growth for Children

Children's Worship
10:15am | Room 108

This year, we will be exploring the elements of worship; from passing the peace to worshiping with music, journaling and art! Kids will join us from the Sanctuary at 10:15 am at the start of the sermon hymn.

Children's Spiritual Growth
11:15 am | Room 108

Seedlings | Age 0-4
Saplings | K-2nd Grade
Sprouts | 3rd-5th Grades

Kids GROW in their exploration of FAITH and COMMUNITY during our Children's Worship and Spiritual Growth classes. This year we are excited to begin our journey with a curriculum created by MPBC member Janice Davin that celebrates a Christian faith, a joy-filled life, compassion for all, and the wisdom within.