Worship Happens Through Generosity

by Kevin Gray on November 06, 2023

Everything in worship is public. All of us witness how hard our ministry team works to create a meaningful experience, one that reflects a diverse and vibrant congregation. Each Sunday, when you hear a piano, organ, flute, guitar, drum, violin, trumpet, soloist, or choir, you are witnessing the work of God pulsing as a holy rhythm through our congregation. All of this is made possible through the willingness of those who offer their time to sing, play, read, light candles, and greet.

Each time you are away and watch our live stream or click on YouTube to rewatch a song or sermon or hear a speaker with clarity because the microphones are working properly, it is because of generosity. All of these things happen because members and participants chose to give financially to the mission and purpose of this living congregation that is working so hard to be a reflection of God’s joy, love, justice, and grace in the world.
So, during this stewardship campaign, I would ask us all to think about all the many wonderful ways our church is ministering to each other, to the community, and to the world at large. Then pause and dream about what is yet to be if we could give a little more.

Tags: stewardship, financial resources

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