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Friends, for at least the past ten years, Myers Park Baptist Church has been supporting the work of The Freedom School Partners of Charlotte. Through both volunteer hours and financial resources, MPBC has been a part of the journeys of thousands of scholars who have matriculated through this program. Freedom School is so much more than a summer camp, it is an opportunity for those who are most often relegated to the margins of society to experience not only enrichment, but self-empowerment as well. 

During last week’s finale which was held here at Myers Park Baptist in Heaton Hall, I witnessed firsthand the pride and joy that exuded from the scholars and their families as they showcased much of what they had learned throughout the summer. At one point, the scholars and the staff took a moment to highlight one another for their contributions to each other’s betterment throughout the program. It was the way they did this that has stuck with me. A scholar or staff member would yell, 'I’ve got a recognition!' Everyone would yell back, 'recognize!' They’d then proceed to name whatever it was they were celebrating. Yes, it was a fun way to go about recognizing each other’s contributions, it was also proof that the work of enrichment, empowerment, betterment doesn’t happen alone; it happens in community. 

Taking my cue from the scholars and staff of Freedom School, I’ve got a recognition! I want to recognize the folks who I have the pleasure of working with on our Ministry of Justice and Outreach (MOJO), the many members and friends of MPBC who give of your time as volunteers for Freedom School every year, and to so many who continue to give generously of your financial resources to make this work possible. 

To learn more about Freedom School feel free to visit their website.

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