Room In The Inn

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Hi, I'm Seth. You may have seen me at the Trunk-or-Treat. It was a blast! Reverend Tara Gibbs was barraging kids with bubbles from her Baptist bubble bath next to me. While the kids were challenged to blow their own, an overdressed penguin (me) challenged their parents to sign up for Room-In-The-Inn. What struck me the most during this time, besides bubbles, was that many people from our community didn't know what Room-In-The-Inn is.

So let me tell you! Room-In-the-Inn is a ministry where our church partners with many others to provide food and a place to sleep for people during the winter. Over a thousand folks are cared for each year through this program. It can be a packed lunch, a made bed, or a car ride to a shelter. Every small act of kindness matters. Because just a night can save a life.

The difference between taking a step closer to stability or spiraling into despair can happen in a night. So, each Saturday night starting December 2nd and ending at the end of March, we will support up to fourteen people. In the future, I hope we can give support to more, but it can't happen without you. So, sign up! And if you have questions, ask! 

Myers Park Baptist Church does this because we are followers of Jesus. It would be hypocritical to talk about how there was no room for Jesus in Bethlehem and not provide our church's rooms for people in Charlotte. May our church be a community where a "human child can lay their head"- Matthew 8:20 (and blow a bubble).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our RITI Coordinator Seth Pilz.

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