Advent: Same Season, New Peace

Posted by Tara Gibbs on

PEACE is an Action:
It’s no surprise that peace seems to be important to the Biblical writers and to the Advent season. Back then and even today, we all want peace.

We want that state of calm, tranquility, the absence of anxiety, and the presence of harmony. We all want peace. But very few seem to have it. So what are we doing about it? Sitting around? Well, remember that peace, true peace, inner peace, and the peace of God don’t just happen. Peacemaking takes work and peacemakers are willing workers.

Jesus’ reconciliation and peacemaking was not sitting around, doing nothing, and hoping change happened. In reality to make peace, to heal the world, to do justice, to love mercy, and yes even to walk humbly with our God requires action! That’s why the call is not for us to sit around and hope that peace just happens to us. No, we have to be active participants in the work of God, for that promised peace. We have to work for it. We must make peace generate peace, invoke peace, and proclaim peace.

This Advent, a time of expecting the prince of peace, is the perfect time to do the work to make peace:
     -To talk face to face with the person you have issues with
     -To sincerely apologize for when you were wrong
     -To repent for and repair the conflict you started
     -To hold accountable those who hurt others
     -To call out when the privileged are oppressing others
     -To comfort those who have been forgotten.

For when you do these things and more to make peace, then you will be children of God. Amen.