National PRIDE Month

June 01, 2024

Still Going & Growing!

Did you know?
Since 2001, Myers Park Baptist Church has had an inclusion statement affirming this congregation as “Open to all and closed to none,” especially for our LGBTQIA+ siblings? We consider this just a part of what it means to live into the radical hospitality of Jesus. While other faith communities seek ways to exclude and find fault with one another, we are looking for ways to be more inclusive.

This means:

  1. Continuing to learn more about inclusion through ongoing education and training, including Identiversity’s Learning Hub and Identify curriculum for our youth;
  2. Updating policies, campus facilities, and practices to ensure our siblings are not only welcome, but participants in all parts of our leadership, from the Deacon board to senior staff, and lay leaders;
  3. Giving our time, talent, and treasure to the local community organizations such as Time Out Youth and Charlotte RAIN, not out of obligation, but out of a place of love;
  4. Intentionally shaping and providing a safer community for our LGBTQIA+ siblings through our LGBTQIA affinity group 
  5. Making bold proclamations to be visible in the community through participation in Charlotte Pride in August, hosting the Advancing Queer Advocacy Conference, and updating our marketing to reflect our values of inclusion. 

This work is just the beginning of the greater works through Jesus Christ that Myers Park Baptist Church has done and continues to do. Hopefully reading where we’ve been will help you get the motivation and courage to help us continue this journey together! Go and grow with us!

For more information on:

  • Participating in the LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group (contact Rev. Marina Luckhoo)
  • Learning about Leadership Opportunities (contact Rev. Dr. Ben Boswell)
  • Educating yourself about the LGBTQIA+ community (contact Rev. Tara Gibbs)
  • Volunteering with Time Out Youth (contact Rev. Tara Gibbs)
  • Volunteering for Charlotte Pride August 2024 | Click here to be a greeter at our booth 


BY TOPIC (Gender, sexuality, body parts, youth, etc.) 


Time Out Youth
Transcend Charlotte


Sacred Justice episode 15 on YouTube | Let's Talk About Sex(uality)
Queer Theology on Spotify | iTunes


“Blessed Are the Queer” 

Stay tuned! More content will be added throughout the month.

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