First of Two Name Change Surveys is Coming

by Bob Thomason on April 07, 2024

In about a week, a survey will be sent to all church members to determine the level of support for changing our church name to a new one that does not include the word “Baptist.” As detailed by our group in previous reports and presentations, this survey will be the first of several steps towards a possible new church name. Here is a recap of the process which was explained in detail in the January 28 edition of the The Weekly:

A two-part process, each consisting of a survey first and then a Congregational vote:

Part 1: Survey to determine level of support for a new to-be-determined name that does not include the word “Baptist. If support is sufficient, the decision will be made official with a Congregational vote.

Part 2: Survey to determine support for specific potential new church names. The names on the survey will be ones which have been suggested by the Congregation and have received support either through the 2022 email survey or in our 10+ listening sessions conducted over the past few months. If support is sufficient for a specific new name, our Name Change Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Deacons that the name be approved. If the Deacons approve it, a Congregational vote will be held to formally approve the new name.

As always, it’s important to remember that, if approved, all that will change will be our church name. Our church Covenant, governance, affiliations, policies, etc. will remain unchanged.

Also, assuming an affirmative vote, the timing of the actual name change will not neccessarily be immediate. TIme will be needed to prepare an effective community announcement.

If the church has your email address, you will be sent an email on April 15 that includes a link to the survey. If we don’t have your email, you’ll receive the survey by postal mail. We’re allowing two weeks to complete the survey (it’s only one question!). On Sunday, May 12 after Worship, our committee will present the survey results. If support is postive, a Congregational vote will be held on Sunday, June 2.

Thank you for your continued participation in this important project. As always, contact any member of our committee with questions. 

Finally, we want to thank church member, Dr. Anita Blanchard and UNCC for helping develop and host our survey.

Bob Thomason, Chair | click here to email Bob
Dean Bowen
Suzette Buchan
Myah Davis
Carla Hines
Ray Owens

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