2024 | Draw the Circle Wider

by Ben Boswell on December 21, 2023

Creating and celebrating an inclusive community together has been the hallmark of MPBC's core identity for over 80 years. From the open baptism and membership policy we adopted in the 50’s, to our “open to all and closed to none” racial inclusivity policy in the 60s, to our affirmation of women leaders in the 70s, to the promotion of sexual inclusivity in the 80s & 90s, to the statements we’ve made on LGBTQIA+ in 00’s, to our statements on the Free Pulpit, Racism, and Immigration in the 10s, we have been on an ever-widening journey of welcoming, affirming, and embracing more and more diverse groups of people who have been traditionally marginalized and oppressed by Christianity and the Church.

We believe our inclusivity should not only be expansive but ever-expanding, therefore, in 2024, our goal is to continue to "draw the circle wider” by expanding our reach to welcome and include more people than ever before. We desire for inclusivity to evolve from being a characteristic of our community’s identity to an intentional practice. Our hope is that by engaging in radical forms of expansive inclusivity our church will transform into a space where a profound experience of community that is loving, just, and equitable exists for all our members.

Throughout 2024, we will have music, preaching, classes, events, speakers, and initiatives that help us to embody this theme and we hope you will prayerfully consider how you can practice expansive inclusivity and partner with us to draw the circle of MPBC wider in 2024.

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