Christian Nationalism

Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 7:00 pm

About the Event

Charlotte Area Event

A Conversation About How Religion is Being Mis-used to Subvert Democracy

Join Katherine Stewart and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove for a conversation about what Christian nationalism is, why it has been in the news, how it impacts public life, why it is dangerous to both Democrats and Republicans, and what role churches can play in challenging its influence.

Katherine Stewart is an award-winning journalist who has covered networks that promote Christian nationalism to undermine democracy around the world. Her most recent book, The Power Worshippers, has been described as “required reading for anyone who wants to map the continuing erosion of our already fragile wall between church and state."

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is a preacher and moral activist who has challenged Christian nationalism as a threat to both the church’s mission and democratic values. His book, Revolution of Values, chronicles the impact of Christian nationalism on Christian discipleship and points toward ways of reading Scripture and practicing faith for the common good.