Faith and Community

Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 11:15 am

About the Event

11:15 am | Shalom Hall
Format | Guest Speaker, Topical Lectures
Audience | Adult - Large Group
Led by | Bruce Elliott

What can our community leaders and influencers teach us as a people of faith? Join us for guest speakers each week who will cover a variety of topics to challenge us to live out our faith in community. We draw heavily on the arts, literary, social and spiritual issues as viewed from a faith perspective.

This Sunday

Educational [In]Justice: Past, Present, and Future

Sunday May 19, 2024 at 11:15 am
Speaker | Laura Handler 
Location | Shalom Hall

Join us on May 19 for a panel presentation investigating the history of racial inequities in education, our more recent state of emergency, and possible paths forward (attend for readings and resources!). In particular, we will consider how the work of Freedom School Partners connects to tenets of reparations. After deepening your awareness of the issues, respond to our calls for action and advocacy this summer at Pinewood and this fall on the ballot!