Confronting Whiteness Conference 2024

Saturday, February 3, 2024

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CW24 - "Make it Right”
The Case for Reparations

The work of anti-racism necessarily leads to questions about how to create a just and equitable world. Some imagine that we can simply move forward into the future with a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging without accounting for what has happened in the past. However, history has a way of repeating itself and one of the primary reasons we seem to continually re-create slavery by another name (i.e., segregation, red-lining, and mass incarceration) is because we've never fully reckoned with or taken responsibility for our past. In most moral philosophies and faith traditions, justice requires a recognition of wrongdoing, a commitment to change going forward, AND restitution for the harm that was caused. In the case of racial harm, the demand for justice continues to raise the question of reparations. At the 3rd annual CW Conference, we will hear from artists, scholars, and theologians on the case for reparations and seek to discover how people of all races can be a part of seeking true justice by working together to “make it right!” We hope you will join us for our third annual Confronting Whiteness Conference (CW24) on Feb. 3, 2024, at Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte NC and Online. Note: registration is free for people of color.

We are excited to announce that Ashley M. Jones and Dr. Drew G. I. Hart, William Darity, Jr, PhD, and A. Kirsten Mullen will be among our guest speakers.

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Get a head start by reading books by our speakers:

From Here to Equality - William Darity Jr. & A. Kirsten Mullen

The Black Reparations Project - William Darity & A. Kirsten Mullen

Trouble I’ve Seen - Drew Hart

Who Will Be a Witness - Drew Hart

Reparations Now! - Ashley M. Jones

dark // thing: poems - Ashley M. Jones