Sermon Talk Back

Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 11:05 am

About the Event

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Talking back to the preacher?! Please do!

Immediately after the service, we continue our tradition of Sermon Talk Back at Myers Park Baptist. Here’s a quick rundown of what Talk Back is and how you can participate!

What is Sermon Talk Back?
Lasting no more than 45 minutes, Talk Back is an opportunity for congregants and guests to respond to the Sunday morning’s proclaimer with questions regarding the sermon, and connections to current topics. 

How Long Has Talk Back Been a Tradition?
Since the 70s, beginning with the late Senior Minister, Dr. Gene Owens, MPBC has encouraged conversation with the proclaimer. As a congregation that champions “the Free Pulpit,” we recognize how discussion and conversation can lead to greater understanding and growth. 

How can I participate? What if I Watch Online?
Easy, just stick around after any Sunday service from May 26 to September 1 to write questions for the proclaimer. If you prefer to join online, you can email your questions to to get your question read. If you miss a Sunday, you can always rewatch on YouTube or our website. 

What if I Have a Question Later?
You can email your questions to the proclaimer anytime to . From our ministers on staff to our guest proclaimers, we want to engage with you and respond to your questions.