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MPBC is affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists, has been “open to all” since 1965, and officially became a welcoming and affirming church in 2002. MPBC is passionately committed to diversity, inclusivity, and social justice; therefore, all are invited to apply, particularly women, minority, and LGBTQ+ candidates. MPBC is also an ecumenical and interfaith congregation that is home to people from many different denominations, faith and non-faith backgrounds, and religious traditions.

Associate Minister of Pastoral Care and Justice

The Associate Minister of Pastoral Care and Justice provides leadership for congregational caregiving as well as the justice and outreach ministries at Myers Park Baptist Church. Responsibilities include providing pastoral care to the members and staff of the church, including (but not limited to) hospital and homebound visitation, presiding over weddings and funerals, managing support groups, and coordinating the congregational care volunteer ministry of the church. The Associate Minister is also responsible for the justice and outreach ministry, managing and developing relationships with partner organizations, overseeing the outreach budget and disbursement and implementing the Church’s justice and outreach programs and projects.

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Director of Music and Worship

The Minister of Music and Worship is responsible for developing and managing a comprehensive program of music, music education, and music appreciation at Myers Park Baptist Church for all ages. Collaborates with the Senior Minister and the Ministry of Worship and Music to plan and execute the worship ministry, which includes programming diverse genres of music in worship including but not limited to Jazz, Rock, Indigenous, Calypso, World music, and the Western European sacred music tradition. Provides leadership and management to the Music Ministry Staff.

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