Pub Theology

Pub Theology is for anyone interested in robust and stimulating discussions on theological and contemporary topics. Do you enjoy discussing relevant current world issues? Are you looking to grow or restart your spiritual journey? Do you view yourself as spiritually minded and socially conscious? Then, this group might be for you. 

We will use the book, Pub Theology and Beyond: New Options for Religious Discourse to guide our discussions – our hope is that the book will be published in time. Each chapter includes both spiritual and contemporary content, questions, and topics for individual and group reflection, interaction, and discussion. There are plenty of topics and accompanying information for more than a year’s worth of group discussions. Participants will enjoy a deeper experience by preparing for and attending each gathering. 

We have a few requirements to make the experience more enjoyable and effective for everyone: 

  • All participants will need to purchase the book, Pub Theology and Beyond: New Options for Religious Discourse. We will provide more information once the book is available. 
  • This group is for adults ages 21 and older 
  • Participants must have received COVID vaccination(s) and booster(s) 

Food and drink will be available for purchase from the menu.

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