Worship at Myers Park Baptist 

Worship_350Our service of worship honors the two thousand-year-old traditions of the church, yet also embraces the progressive theology and open-mindedness reflected in our Church Covenant. We seek to reach the mind and heart of every person through sacred music of many different genres; meaningful, relevant preaching; and carefully planned liturgy. We celebrate the “freedom of the pulpit” and want worship to be, as Jesus put it, “a house of prayer for all people.” 

9:45 am | Faith Formation Classes 
10:15 am | Chancel Choir  
11:00 am | Worship Service  
12:05 pm | Coffee/Fellowship  

9:00 am | Summer Chancel Choir  
No Faith Formation. Childcare available. 
10:00 am | Worship Service  
11:00 am | Sermon TalkBack  

Talkback1_300pSermon TalkBack in Heaton Hall (Summer only) 
TalkBack takes the place of Faith Formation during the summer months. After the 10:00 a.m. service, everyone is welcome to “talk back” to the preacher about the sermon, ask questions, or share an experience connected to the topic. This is an excellent way to participate in and hear the diverse voices that make up our community. 

Worship Service 
Traditionally Myers Park Baptist Church has honored the flow of The Christian Year as our basis for planning services, including Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost. We use symbolic colors on the altar, the pulpit, the lectern, ministers’ stoles, and banners to remind us of the time of year we are celebrating. 

We worship in a beautiful sanctuary, the architecture of which makes its own profound theological statement. Even so, we constantly are reminded of the tension between the beauty of the place in which we worship and the ever-present call to respond to the poor and those in need in the world. 

Call the church office at (704) 334-7232. 

For more information about Worship and Music at Myers Park Baptist Church, contact: 

Dr. Matt Caine 
Minister of Music and Worship 
(704) 334-7232 x 158 

Ashley Hardy,

Ministry of Worship and Music 

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