Tucker Pearsall

TUCKER PEARSALL – My introduction to the MPBC choir really started when my grandmother, Lauretta Short, invited me to come with her to the annual retreat at Blue Ridge Assembly. I was in elementary school and enjoyed the meals, talent show, pool, and the surprising amount of unsupervised time playing with the other kids while the choir worked. I’ll plead the 5th on those stories…

Several years later my grandmother was terminally ill and was no longer able to participate in choir. I got a call from my grandfather asking me to be at their house that evening which wasn’t unusual. When I arrived there were several family members there and I don’t know that any of us knew why.

A knock came at the kitchen door and in filed a large contingent of the choir. After squeezing into the cramped kitchen, they broke out into the always amazing Lutkin Benediction.

As it filled the kitchen and the rest of the house, there wasn’t a dry eye except for my grandmother’s as she sat peacefully smiling.

Tucker Pearsall

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