There’s Something in the Water – May 12, 2019

Mia McClain: Revelations 8:7-13 and 22:1-2 –
Water is life. Not only is water life, but water is also alive. So it has consciousness. The water is listening to us. And I had a phenomenon in my home in which water just started coming up out of the ground, and at one point, it was coming up at 8 gallons a minute. So it was a lot of water. And I began to have to have this relationship with water like I never had before, because I was very concerned it would flood my house, right? And we kept talking. We kept coming into a dialogue, and eventually, I was able to say to her, ‘look, if you need to take my house, it’s okay. You can have it, because there’s something that you’re trying to do, there’s something that you’re trying to say, and there’s something that my community needs for you to arrive like this. And so, I will be with you and I will be a protector of you, and so I can speak on your behalf. So, this water and I were in this alliance.
Pat McCabe, Navajo and Lakota activist
To be sure, the author of Revelation was not an environmentalist in the modern sense; nevertheless, he was an astute critic of the insatiable appetites of the Roman Empire that led to injustices against humans and to devastations of the earth.
Rev. Dr. Barbara Rossing
This is why I march: because my hometown has been without clean water for almost 1,000 days. Clean water is a human right for everybody.
Amariyanna Copeny

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