by Michael Frost

Theology Upstream returns with a new book study on Michael Frost’s book, Incarnate

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Theology Upstream podcasts are a series of conversations hosted by two young(-ish) clergy, Rev. Ben and Rev. Chrissy, who are convinced that good theology still has something to say to people living their lives in the real world. With that conviction, Chrissy and Ben seek to read theological books and put their learnings into conversation with lived-experience. Listen to episodes on iTunes (Theology Upstream Podcasts) and join the conversation by emailing Chrissy your thoughts, comments, and questions. 

Episode 5: 

Chrissy and Ben are back again for one final episode of Theology Upstream Podcasts (for a while). In this raw and uncut episode they crack jokes and transition somewhat abruptly from one topic to the next, all the while working to weave together themes of rootedness and community. True to form, Frost uses the most unpredictable stories to prove his points (um, hello Rev. Jim Jones), but always finds a way to bring us back to incarnational practices. Also, Merry Christmas, Happy Incarnation!

Episode 4: 

In these two special raw and uncut episodes (4 and 5), Chrissy and Ben are moving at warp speed, through four chapters in this action-packed episode. You may have never realized how much James K.A. Smith, C.S. Lewis, theological anthropology, and click activism have in common. After listening to this episode, all of that will change. Most importantly, Chrissy and Ben (pulling from Frost’s book of course) will leave you with an idea for a daily spiritual practice for Advent and beyond. Try it, if you dare! 

Episode 3: 

This week Chrissy and Ben hit the fast-forward button to cover three chapters in one (45-minute-ish) episode. Chapters 4, 5, and 6 in Frost’s book are full of sociological and theological gems that lead us down paths of conversation from labor movement to military training, to elbow learning. Doesn’t that sound fun?! 


Episode 2: 

Are you looking for an Advent podcast episode that covers everything from Descartes to the Zombie Apocalypse?  If so, this episode is for you! Listen in as Chrissy and Ben talk through chapters 2 and 3 dealing with false dualisms and (authentic and seasonally appropriate) incarnation. 


Episode 1:


Throughout the season of Advent, Chrissy and Ben are reading Michael Frost’s book, Incarnate, and exploring the trends toward disembodiment in culture as our lives become more digital.  Each episode in this series will include strategies and ideas for re-embodying your faith during this holy season of anticipating the incarnation of Christ. 


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