Honoring the Body
by Stephanie Paulsell

Theology Upstream returns with a new book study on Stephanie Paulsell’s book, Honoring the Body

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Theology Upstream podcasts are a series of conversations hosted by two young(-ish) clergy, Rev. Ben and Rev. Chrissy, who are convinced that good theology still has something to say to people living their lives in the real world. With that conviction, Chrissy and Ben seek to read theological books and put their learnings into conversation with lived-experience. Listen to episodes on iTunes (Theology Upstream Podcasts) and join the conversation by emailing Chrissy your thoughts, comments, and questions. 

Episode 1: 
Welcome back to Theology Upstream podcasts! In this episode we are kicking off a new series on the book, Honoring the Body, by Stephanie Paulsell. Paulsell is a Harvard professor who combines her life experiences with her knowledge of Christian theology and spiritual practices to create a resource for us to help reconnect ourselves: body, mind, and spirit. Listen in as Chrissy and Ben discuss chapters 1 and 2 of Honoring the Body, which deal with vulnerability, integrity, relationality, and several key touchstones of embodied spiritual practices. 


Episode 2: 
In the second episode on Paulsell’s book, Honoring the Body, Chrissy and Ben are talking about bathing and clothing. Two pieces of our daily, ordinary lives that have serious spiritual implications – historically and for our contemporary lives. These practices are so prevalent in all of our lives that we could barely stay on track with the conversation for all the personal stories that kept popping up. All of this led us to the closing questions: Who are we?  And, to whom do we belong? 

Episode 3: 
In the third episode on Paulsell’s book, Honoring the Body, Chrissy and Ben are talking about food, the dinner table, and the ways that we are shaped (physically and spiritually) by our food habits. In addition to debates about NC v. Texas barbeque, we laugh a lot and share stories about our food experiences.  And . . . we want to hear from you. What is your food story?  What is your table practice?  And how are you creating a food ritual in your life? (Hopefully these phrases will mean something after you listen to the podcast!)


Episode 4: 
In the fourth episode we are paying attention to our physical bodies as we explore rhythms of exercise, sabbath, and sleep. This chapter seemed more personal-story-prone than others, so if you want to know more about Chrissy and Ben, this one’s for you! Hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did! 


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