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Preparing for our 2018-19 series, Awakening the Body, Chrissy and Ben are publishing a series of conversations on Kate Bowler’s best seller, Everything Happens for a Reason: and Other Lies I’ve Loved. Listen in and join the conversation by sending your comments and questions to Chrissy.

Theology Upstream Podcasts
Theology Upstream podcasts are a series of conversations hosted by two young(-ish) clergy, Rev. Ben and Rev. Chrissy, who are convinced that good theology still has something to say to people living their lives in the real world. With that conviction, Chrissy and Ben seek to read theological books and put their learnings into conversation with lived-experience.  Listen to episodes on iTunes (Theology Upstream Podcasts) and join the conversation by emailing Chrissy your thoughts, comments, and questions.

Episode 1: 
In this first episode on Bowler’s book, Chrissy & Ben talk about the prosperity gospel, theodicy, and hope that God will make a way.  Along the way they discover some lies that they have loved . . . What are yours?

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Submit any comments or questions to Chrissy. Maybe your questions will be the topic of the next week’s conversation!
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