Sunday Morning Faith Formation 

Sunday morning classes meet weekly, September through May, from 9:45am to 10:45am, unless otherwise noted. If you would like more information about any of these groups, contact Carrie Veal at or 704.334.7232 x 118. 

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Cornwell Center Group Exercise Room 
Sunday Morning Yoga is an opportunity for adults of all ages and stages to connect with body, mind and spirit in this community of faith. If you’re interested in trying yoga as a spiritual practice that engages your body, mind, and spirit, join us! During our practice, we engage in beginner level yoga that will help you prepare for worship in new ways (and won’t get you too sweaty). 

Coffee House in the basement of the education building 
The Life Class is a longstanding multigenerational class that works to create an atmosphere of free discussion and sharing while studying a wide range of topics, selected by the planning team for the class. Topics include biblical texts and themes, the teachings of important theologians, religious themes found in literature and plays, discussions of local, national, and international issues, and Christian responses and actions. The class always welcomes new participants. “We believe we are on a faith journey and that we can learn from one another and from outside leaders.”

Room 256 
Centerquest is a group with mixed family status, ages, and interests who discuss a variety of subjects. Class leadership is shared among members. The class occasionally gathers for social activities and encourages involvement in outreach. Recent classes have covered material from Joseph Campbell, Karen Armstrong, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, and Serene Jones. At times we have experiential learning, exploring nature and creativity. Where it fits, we use the Centerquest model, based on the work of Carl Jung. All are welcome to join or visit at any time. 

A long-standing, traditional Sunday school class where we share pastoral concerns, sing hymns, and explore Bible lessons. Our teachers include the ministerial staff at this Church and other Church members who love to teach. 

Room 257  
The Seekers are a group of individuals from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds that gathers to discuss topics ranging from theology to social justice to movies. We are open to the teachings and wisdoms of faith traditions both new and old, and from far and near. We enjoy a good discussion on just about any topic. Our conversations are sparked by sacred writings, literature, social commentary, and other contemporary media.

Room 255 
The Explorers class was originally formed more than 10 years ago by a group of new members looking to form closer relationships with other MPBC members. We are proud of the diverse age group representation in our class and we learn from each other. The class hosts conversations led by group members who have committed to leading one month at a time. Recent topics have included a discussion of author Richard Rohr, meditation, and the intersection of faith and daily life. Another popular source for conversations is the Wired Word, a weekly iteration of current events and how they relate to faith. We host a potluck dinner at member homes up to twice a year.

Room 260
A psychological approach to spirituality, based on the principles of A Course In Miracles (“ACIM”) as they relate to all-inclusive forgiveness. The focus is on coping with life’s challenges and discovering paths to inner peace. 

Room 254
Do you know where to find the story of Job or Jonah? Did you know there’s a book in the Bible named Habakkuk? Is Luke a book in the Bible or a Star Wars character? Did you know the Bible has over 1000 chapters? Let’s read the Bible again, perhaps for the first time, and find the answers to these and many other questions. We will engage in an overview of all 66 books of the Bible. Keep in mind, this is not biblical scholarship or a “critical examination” of scripture. This is a surface dance, a mere glance, at the book we call Holy. Join us as we open the Bible to these books, these verses, these words upon which we rest our understanding of our Christian faith. Come on, it’ll be fun! Oh, and bring a Bible of your choice. 

Room 250
This class is for those who want the opportunity to examine their personal faith system in community with others. The five-month discussion class explores the following main areas:
  • Developing a Personal Theology: Do you believe in God? What is the nature of a human’s relationship to God? Who was Jesus? What is God’s sense of power and control in the world? Why is there evil? Why the crucifixion? What is grace? 
  • How Can the Bible be a Faith Resource: An introduction to the Old and New Testaments?  
  • The Spiritual Life: What is the value of silence and meditation? Why is corporate worship important? What can I expect to happen when I pray? How do I develop a faith journal? 
  • Missions: How do I identify my spiritual gifts? What is mission? How do I apply my gifts? 
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