Financial Resources: Living as Faithful Stewards

Church_pew_caps_400pOur Covenant calls us “to be faithful stewards of our lives and of this world.” One way we answer this call is through our ongoing financial support of the church and its ministries.

Our member-led Ministry of Financial Resources works to sustain the financial health of Myers Park Baptist Church, allowing us to support programs, compensate our staff, and maintain and improve our campus. By creating a culture of lifelong-giving, we hope that members of every generation will consider their opportunity to make a financial commitment to the church a privilege, not an obligation. All we are and all we have are gifts from God; as we support this church we are expressing our gratitude for these blessings.

Below are a few of the many ways you can give to our Church. Click on the title to learn more.

    Supporting the Operating Budget

    Members of Myers Park Baptist Church come from diverse spiritual backgrounds, yet we share a common dream of  living fully into our faith even though that faith may be defined or expressed in varied ways. This vision is also a way for us to live a set of core values that have been defined as: connectedness, intentional worship, inclusiveness, growth & learning, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

    Our church governance structure is built around these core values, and we consider them guiding principles for our strategic planning. These values live through our actions each and every day and your financial gifts allow us to make that possible.

    For church ministries to thrive, it is essential for participants in the life of this church to feel called to support the work we do in God’s name. A monetary pledge is one way we actualize this call for supporting our church as it ministers to the world beyond our doors, and to one another.

     If you wish to live with gratitude, why not experience the joy of giving generously?

    Biblical Standard of Giving


    The tithe, or 10% of your income, is a Biblical standard. Determine what percentage you can now give and systematically plan to work toward a giving-goal of 10%. (Malachi 3:10)


    However we give our financial commitment – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually – we also are invited to give every time we worship through the loose plate offering or the monthly Rice Bowl, which helps the hungry at home and around the world.


    As ancient peoples brought the first lamb of the flock or first wheat from the fields, we make our gift to God through the church the first gift we make rather than the last, or from what is left over.


    We give in thanksgiving for God’s blessings to us, generously and joyfully. “Each one must do as they have made up their mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (II Cor. 9:7) Cheerful comes from the word hilarom, from which we get “hilarious.” Give the way lovers give to their beloved, not counting the cost, where the only sadness is that they could not give more.

    Planned Giving + Friends of the Covenant
    A Planned Gift can be one of the most significant, enduring statements you can make about what you believe. A Planned Gift to Myers Park Baptist Church is placed in The Endowment Fund where it will live for perpetuity, continue to grow and generate interest, a percentage of which can be made available annually for use to expand the ministry of this church. (While a planned gift is usually only fulfilled at the end of life, there are ways to make planned gifts that utilize assets while you are still living.)

    Become a member of Friends of the Covenant and join the growing number of people who have established planned gifts to the Myers Park Baptist church as part of their estate planning. In doing so, you’ll help ensure that our church stays as relevant and vibrant in the future as it is today. 

    Friends of the Covenant was initiated in 2014 as a group of church supporters who wanted to leave a legacy gift to the church. These individuals are willing to step up and say to others, “Myers Park Baptist Church has been a very important part of my life, and I would like to ensure that the unique qualities of this congregation continue into the future.” Gifts of any size are welcomed as Planned Gifts. 

    (Please consult with your legal or financial advisors to find the most suitable gift arrangements.) 

    Then consider the following:

    • Estate Gifts by Will or Trust, the most common way of making such a gift;
    • Designated Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Plan, where the owner of the policy names the Church a beneficiary at the insured person’s death
    • Retained Life Estate in Property, where you continue to live in your property, but it reverts to the Church at the end of your life; or Life Income Gifts; 
    • Gifts by Beneficiary Designation, a partial beneficiary of a Retirement Plan

    MPBC Planned Giving Brochure
    MPBC Planned Giving Acknowledgement Form

    To learn more, please contact us at 704.334.7232 x116 and someone from our ministry would be happy to help answer your questions.

    Capital Campaigns
    Our campus is beautiful. It has been a gracious, stately presence in the heart of historic Myers Park for more than 70 years. 

    There are times when standard maintenance and upkeep requirements cannot be met from the limited funds available from the Operating Budget. Capital Campaigns have been used to increase the church’s endowment. Disbursements from earmarked endowment funds raised in our 50th, 65th, and 75th Anniversary, and the Cornwell Center Endowment Fund, help us pay a portion of our maintenance expenses annually allowing more funds to be available for program and outreach.

    Significant outreach projects have been undertaken with funds raised in Capital Campaigns. Our church has helped Urban Ministries address chronic homelessness through a sizable gift to Moore Place.  We have provided seed money designed to help the Lakewood Community address substandard housing and other challenges in that community. Solar panels, part of our Green Initiative, were installed on the roof of the Cornwell Center and offset a portion of the church’s utility bill. These panels were purchased with funds from the 65th Anniversary Capital Campaign. 

    Capital Campaigns directly increase the breadth of our ministries. As future campaigns are planned, they will be announced here and shared through many other forms of traditional and electronic church communications. Please be a participant in all Capital Campaigns.

    Give as a follower of Jesus whose whole life was an extravagant gift of self to others.

    The Endowment Fund
    Endowment Brochure 2011

    The General Endowment Fund was formed for the sole purpose of enriching the life and missions of Myers Park Baptist Church. Since its inception, the Endowment has provided more than $2.5 million for a wide range of spiritual, educational, and outreach projects. 

    Without the church’s Endowment, it would be impossible to financially sustain the life and integrity of this church. Members of our financial team ensure that all financial gifts are managed with care and prudence.

    Recent General Endowment Grants:
    Staff sabbaticals
    College scholarships
    Southminster programs and support
    Pinewood Freedom School
    Church governance consultants
    Minister search groups
    Strategic planning initiatives
    Friendship Trays
    Energy-efficient lighting
    Guests + lecturers, including our recent Richard Rohr weekend
    Interfaith education opportunities
    Youth summer interns
    Camp scholarships
    God’s Garden (K-5) outings
    Music Together programs
    Annual church audit
    Campus signage
    Campus-wide wireless access
    Audio-Visual equipment
    HVAC improvements

    Special Gifts
    Financial gifts to the church are not always limited to a particular campaign. Often individuals, or groups of donors, are inspired to fund a project or initiative on their own. Such gifts have included the building of The Cornwell Center, our state-of-the-art athletic and education outreach facility, which has enriched the lives of individuals and families throughout Charlotte for over a decade. Special gifts have also allowed for the restoration of our world-class Aeolian-Skinner organ and, thanks to a gift designed to enhance our church’s communication, we have improved our online presence and renewed our commitment to upgrade our technological infrastructure. 

    The church has been blessed by thoughtful, generous, special gifts given over our more than 70 year history, both large and small, from hymnals, altar linens, flowers and artwork to Sanctuary and Chapel chandeliers and our stained glass window. Myers Park Baptist Church is enriched by the generosity of its members.

    Year-round Stewardship

    No gift is too small, or too late.

    While we hope you will be inspired to join other members in pledging during our campaign seasons, you may make a financial commitment to the church at any time throughout the year. 

PalmSun_dropping_palms_600pReady to give?

Make a one-time donation or signup for an on-going gift online. Your gift of any amount will help us continue to be a source of spiritual growth, strength and support to our members and our community. Thank you.


Outreach_StopHunger_packboxes_600pReady to pledge?

Fill out this online form to let us know how you want to contribute financially towards the support and growth of Myers Park Baptist Church. Your commitment helps us plan our annual budget for sustaining our church and missions. 

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