Receiving MPBC Email in GMail

A number of Google Mail (GMail) users have discovered that their MPBC emails — and the monthly e-newsletter in particular — are ending up in the Promotions category tab. While MPBC cannot control how Google sorts your incoming email from the Church, we can offer a few tips to help you adjust your email settings to ensure your MPBC emails go to your Primary GMail inbox. For the next few weeks after implmementing your choice of the changes below, check your Promotions tab periodically to ensure all of the MPBC addresses from which you receive emails are sorting as you prefer.

You have several options for guiding your emails to the main inbox. We’ll start with the relatively simple before describing the more involved solutions —

Drag and Drop
Check the Promotions tab to find an MPBC newsletter or other email, click and hold on the email and drag it to the Primary tab before releasing your mouse. Once the email is in Primary tab, a yellow box should pop up asking if you want to make this change permanent. Click Yes, and all should be well.

Right Click
Instead of dragging-and-dropping, right-click on an MPBC email waiting in your Promotions tab and click the Move option for the Primary tab in the small list that pops up (this may not appear in all browsers). The yellow box should again appear to make the change permanent.

Disable Tabs Altogether
If you’d prefer to receive all of your email in one inbox, or prefer to sort your email using filters (see below), you can simply hide Google’s category tabs (ie, Promotions, Social) by clicking the + symbol at the right edge of each tab and checking the Hide or Show option you’d prefer.

Click this link to see the Google help page for these simpler solutions.

Create a Filter
You may also create filters to manage sorting for your email — Google’s help page walks you through the process of creating and editing filters. Many GMail users filter messages so that they bypass the Inbox and go directly to particular “folders.” (GMail actually uses labels instead of folders, which offer similar results. Click here for more on GMail Labels.) Once you start using filters, you may see lots of possibilities for gaining greater control over your email!

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