Outreach: A Tradition of Service

SOS_Habitat2_2013As a Christian community, we are drawn to service and strive to fulfill our promise to be the “hands and feet of God.” Recognizing the importance of both giving and receiving, we pour back into our community the gifts we have received.

There are many ways to become involved in outreach at Myers Park Baptist Church. We serve our community in the areas of Hunger, Shelter and Homelessness, Schools and Families, Health and Wellness, Community Investment, and Advocacy and Activism. There are short-term opportunities for service, as well as opportunities to serve our partner agencies on a regular basis.

Join us, become involved in our efforts to serve our neighbors, and truly be a neighbor. It is through these encounters that our faith is strengthened and enriched.

“I’m here because of the reverent style of worship and the people–people dedicated to ‘showing’ that God means something to them by serving people around them in need. If you agree with Jesus’s statement of the greatest commandment–love God, then love people–you will find a home here.” 

Karen Taylor, Chair
Ministry of Outreach

We’re honored to continue the outreach tradition our founders started more than 70 years ago. Highlights of our history include: 

  • Teaching children of migrant workers in Western NC as early as 1968. 
  • Sponsoring day care centers for children in low-income families.
  • Joining the first group of churches to bring Habitat for Humanity to Charlotte. 
  • Hosting the very first night of Room in the Inn (RITI) in Charlotte.

 2018-2019 Outreach Brochure

MPBC Gifts for Community Outreach Efforts


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Associate Minister
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Karen Taylor
Ministry of Outreach
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