Our Ministries

Our members serve the Church in a variety of ways, based on individual interest, talents and past experience. Specifically, we have nine ministries — each with its own servant leadership groups (SLGs) — that are designed to meet the needs of the Church and the community beyond our doors.

    Ministry of Community Life

    church_window_cross_on_floor_300pMinistry of Community Life

    The Ministry of Community Life is made up of a group of dedicated Church members who provide comprehensive programs that serve to connect and involve the Church community as a whole.

    2018-2019 Ministry of Community Life Brochure > 

    The following are ways in which this ministry serves our congregation:

    Welcome Desk
    Every Sunday during the Church year our greeters welcome guests and others in the foyer of Heaton Hall. They answer questions, stimulate conversation and provide directions around our campus.

    Navigating MPBC 
    A series of weekly sessions several times a year are provided to introduce MPBC to newcomers.  The sessions include a variety of topics from the history of the Baptist church to our core beliefs at MPBC. Those who attend Navigating, and wish to make a commitment to join our Church, are introduced to the congregation on Joining Sunday. Following the service the new members have a welcome reception and reception line in Heaton Hall. Details are provided under Church Membership.

    LGBT+ Fellowship
    LGBT+ Fellowship fosters a spirit of community and belonging as we welcome and integrate LGBT+ guests and members into the life of Myers Park Baptist (MPBC). Our group meets periodically, in both small and large group settings, through quarterly coffee hours, annual social and RAIN fundraising events.  We also participate in the annual Charlotte PRIDE Festival, where MPBC hosts a vendor booth. To learn more about LGBT+ Fellowship, visit our group page.

    During the Church year we have a variety of events that promote community. Creating a variety of events where church members can spend more time together keeps our wonderful community fresh, relevant and alive.  None of this would be possible without the commitment and talent provided by the Community Life volunteers.

    For more information about Community Life at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Julie Barfield, Chair
    Ministry of Community Life

    Ministry of Communications and Technology

    Ministry of Communications and Technology

    The Ministry of Communications and Technology establishes and oversees comprehensive strategies for communications and technology throughout Myers Park Baptist Church (MPBC), which includes Through-The-Week School (TTWS) and The Cornwell Center. 

    The Communications Servant Leadership Group (SLG) is responsible for: 
    • Developing and implementing the communications strategy for Myers Park Baptist Church (MPBC), which includes the Through-The-Week School (TTWS) and Cornwell Center,
    • Providing support and guidance for internal and external Church communications, using identified channels and media.

    The Technology Planning and Oversight SLG Strategic Planning Process is responsible for:
    • Planning and coordinating acquisition of “Technology assets” using an ongoing holistic, inclusive planning process based on documented, prioritized needs;
    • Overseeing and, in appropriate cases, managing implementation of investments in information, audio visual and communications technologies among Church organizations and functions;
    • Identification of technology-related training, procedure documentation and maintenance needs as well as strategies and initiatives needed to address those needs. 

    The Audio and Video Operations SLG is responsible for:
    • Operation and basic maintenance of all audio and video recording and presentation systems used to serve the audio and video needs of Myers Park Baptist Church (including Through the Week School (TTWS) and the Cornwell Center).

    For more information about Communications and Technology at Myers Park Baptist Church contact: 

    Jane Huddle, Chair
    Ministry of Communications and Technology 

    Ministry of Congregational Care

    Ministry of Congregational Care

    The Ministry of Congregational Care provides care, support and encouragement to all members in times of joy, bereavement, illness and crisis. This lay ministry relies on the talents of members who enjoy preparing meals, making visits, praying for each other, serving as hosts at memorial receptions, delivering flowers or contacting other members on special days.

    The following are ways in which this ministry serves our congregation:

    Kitchen Connections 
    Individuals who meet monthly to prepare meals for delivery to families following the loss of loved ones, members returning home from a hospital stay, or to members experiencing other difficult situations.

    Visitation and Food Delivery
    Team contacts families to offer food prepared by Kitchen Connections; coordinates the deliveries and visits with these families.

    Memorial Receptions
    Individuals act as hosts for receptions following a member’s memorial service.

    Caring Touch
    Group of volunteers contacts members at various times throughout the year.

    Floral Delivery 
    Delivery of poinsettias at Christmas to homebound members and lilies at Easter to members who have lost loved ones.

    Thursday Prayer Group
    Group dedicated to offering prayer for those in need as well as writing notes to members who have been hospitalized

    Retirement Communities Outreach
    Plans and conducts special outreach events for members living in retirement communities.

    Special Interest Groups such as Grief Support Group and Well Spouse Listening Group are offered as the needs of the congregation dictate.

    For more information about Congregational Care at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Joel Houston, Chair
    Ministry of Congregational Care 

    Ministry of Faith Formation

    Ministry of Faith Formation

    The Ministry of Faith Formation at Myers Park Baptist Church cultivates creative and innovative opportunities that challenge and equip children, youth, and adults for the life-long journey of faith. In so doing, we strive to promote connection to this community and connection to God. This ministry encourages our Church intentionally wrestle with the paradoxes and promises of faith in order to foster an environment of exploration, contemplation, discovery, curiosity, stewardship of God’s creation and growth toward spiritual maturity.  

    The following are just a few of the ways in which this ministry serves our congregation:

    • Connections Small Groups
    • Sunday School Classes for Adults, Youth and Children
    • Bible Workbench Groups
    • Fellowship, Outreach and Bible Study for Teens (6th-12th Grades)
    • Faith and Justice Series
    • Jesus the Christ in the 21st Century Series
    • Jewish/Christian Dialogue
    • Women’s and Men’s Retreats

    Click here to learn more about Faith Formation opportunities.

    Michael Johnson, Chair
    Ministry of Faith Formation

    Chrissy Tatum Williamson
    Associate Minister 
    (704) 334-7232 x 123

    Ministry of Financial Resources

    Ministry of Financial Resources

    Congregational generosity is an important aspect of our spiritual walk at Myers Park Baptist Church. The Ministry of Financial Resources (MFR) is a lay-led group tasked with overseeing the financial resources of the Church. This includes fostering and promoting a culture of life-long giving. Additionally, the Ministry of Financial Resources works directly with the staff ensuring that financial goals are met allowing the congregation to effectively share the Word. The Ministry coordinates and oversees the duties and responsibilities of all Servant Leadership Groups (SLGs) involved in financial matters at the Church. These groups include, but are not limited to:

    Budget and Finance
    – Regularly monitor cash inflow/outflow
    – Preparing the annual budget

    – Effectively manage the Church’s Endowment Funds
    – Distribute income generated from the Endowment to the various Ministries of the Church

    Annual Operating Campaign 
    – Create and implement the annual stewardship campaign

    Planned Giving
    – Educate congregants on bequests and other gifts outside of the annual stewardship campaign

    Capital Campaigns
    – From time to time, the Church will have capital campaigns primarily focused on facilities preservation

    For more information about Financial Resources at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Tucker Pearsall, Chair
    Ministry of Financial Resources

    Ministry of Human Resources

    Ministry of Human Resources

    The Ministry of Human Resources is responsible for providing expertise and guidance to enhance the image and value of our most valuable resources, our employees at Myers Park Baptist Church.

    The following are some key areas of responsibilities:

    • Employment and Recruiting
    • Training and Development
    • Compensation
    • Benefits
    • Employee Services
    • Employee and Community relations
    • Personnel Records
    • Health and Safety
    • Strategic Planning
    • Human Resources Policies

    The Ministry of Human Resources works in collaboration with the Church Administrator and the Ministry of Financial Resources to ensure that Human Resources systems are created and maintained that maximize the performance of our personnel and the utilization of our financial resources to meet the strategic plan of Myers Park Baptist Church.

    For more information about the Ministry of Human Resources at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Mike Maltarich, Chair
    Ministry of Human Resources

    Ministry of Leadership

    Ministry of Leadership

    The Ministry of Leadership oversees both Church leadership and member involvement opportunities. We are charged to:

    • Nominate, recruit and train Church members for MPBC leadership positions,
    • Facilitate Member Involvement efforts and
    • Enable the establishment of Servant Leadership Groups.

    Leadership Positions
    In February of each year, the Ministry conducts the Deacon Nomination and  Election Process.

    • On the first Sunday in February, the Congregation nominates candidates during 11 o’clock worship service.
    • Nominations are open for eight days.
    • The Ministry of Leadership and Member Involvement develops a ballot of 12 persons from among the nominations.
    • Congregation votes on the second Sunday in March during 11 o’clock worship service.

    This Ministry is also responsible for nominating the Deacon Chair-Elect in March and for assisting other Ministries with staffing when needed.

    Leadership Training is developed and conducted through this Ministry to help equip all persons prior to entering leadership roles.

    Member Involvement
    Want to become more involved in the life of the Church? Any member of MPBC who wants to be involved in the life of the Church should contact the Ministry of Leadership. A special sub-group will work with you in finding your areas of interest and match you with opportunities.

    Servant Leadership Groups (SLG)
    SLGs are sub-groups within each Ministry and play a vital role. The groups may be permanent or temporary depending on their purpose. If you are part of a group of MPBC members and have an idea you want to pursue, contact the Ministry of Leadership for guidance and help. The Ministry of Leadership facilitates establishment of SLGs by providing organization tips and aligning the group with the appropriate Ministry.

    For more information about Leadership and Member Involvement at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Marcy McClanahan, Chair
    Ministry of Leadership

    Ministry of Outreach

    Ministry of Outreach

    Outreach is a natural part of the tapestry of ministry at Myers Park Baptist Church. As a community, we are drawn to service and to live out our commission, to be the hands and feet of God. Recognizing the importance of both giving and receiving, we pour back into our community the gifts we have received. We serve our community in the areas of Hunger, Shelter/Homelessness, School Partnerships, Health and Wellness, and Community Investment.

    Shelter and Homelessness
    Room In The Inn or Family Promise
    Host our homeless neighbors for a meal and night of shelter. Become involved with a partner community agency. Find out how you can become involved »

    We support many Charlotte agencies that serve our neighbors who are in need of food. Join the team that provides lunch at St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen or dinner at the Men’s Shelter. Our monthly Rice Bowl Offering supports hunger ministries in our community through Loaves and Fishes and internationally through Church World Service Hunger Relief. Find out how you can become involved »

    Children and Families
    We believe in investing and supporting education in our community. Tutor a student, staff a book fair or provide teacher support at Sedgefield Middle School, our CMS partner school serving many low-income families. Become involved in the Lakewood Community by becoming a mentor, working with the Cooperative Preschool or going on Saturday morning bike ride with Charlotte Trips for Kids. Find out how you can become involved »

    Health and Wellness
    Over 40,000 people in Mecklenburg County have no access to medical care. One in four residents are uninsured. Find out how you can become involved »

    Community Investment
    MPBC invests in our community by being involved in annual events within and outside the walls of our Church. Join us in one of the local awareness walks, or by participating in our annual Saturday or Service.

    Advocacy & Education
    Join EarthKeepers or Missionary Round Table.

    Click here to learn more about the Ministry of Outreach.

    Joe Aldrich, Associate Minister

    Karen Taylor, Chair 
    Ministry of Outreach

    Ministry of Facilities Management

    Ministry of Facilities Management

    The Ministry of Facilities Management manages the buildings, facilities, landscaping, and physical assets of Myers Park Baptist Church. We’re involved with the following:

    • Church Administration
    • Rental of Church facilities
    • Care and use by both inside and outside groups of any of the Church’s facilities
    • Upkeep and modification of Church property including: Church buildings (interior & exterior), grounds, and equipment
    • Long range property planning
    • Insurance of the Church and related facilities
    • Safety of the Church and its members and visitors during Church related activities 

    The Ministry of Facilities Management is charged with managing and maintaining our Church facilities; and preserving the historical heritage of its buildings and grounds as desired by the original founders. Anyone with expertise and experience in the following areas is a candidate to join this ministry: engineering, architecture, building construction, landscaping, facility management, HVAC, interior decorating, public safety, etc.

    For more information about Facilities Management at Myers Park Baptist Church contact:

    Gene Doar, Chair
    Ministry of Facilities Management

    Ministry of Worship and Music

    Ministry of Worship and Music

    The Ministry of Worship and Music collaborates and assists the Staff  in creating worship services that reflect the Church’s tradition as an ecumenical church in the Baptist tradition with an excellent program of church music. The Ministry works to encourage and support all aspects of worship, including music, Communion, baptism, ushering, acolytes and other worship components. In carrying out its work, The Ministry of Worship and Music commits to:

    • Ensure that worship remains the center of our Christian life together
    • Support and maintain the tradition of a free and open pulpit
    • Support and maintain the liturgical tradition of the Church, which embraces Christian faith as more important than denominational dogma and creates liturgy that respects and honors the various religious backgrounds of the Congregation.
    • Maintain the Church Sanctuary as a sacred space.
    • Provide educational opportunities for the Congregation to encounter and understand the liturgical traditions of the Church.
    • Offer opportunities for the community at large to experience sacred music.

    Click here to learn more about the Ministry of Music and Worship.

    Media Team Schedule

    Cherrie Shoemaker, Chair
    Ministry of Worship and Music

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