Courageous Founders. Dynamic Vision. Mighty Impact. Bold Future. 

Watch a three-minute video describing the Goals of the 75th Anniversary Live Forward Strategic Plan: 

We’re building a dynamic, diverse Church
with whole-hearted relationships! 

  • What is happening in the Christian Church of the 21st century? 
  • How is the Spirit of God calling MPBC, in our own community and into the greater Charlotte community? 
  • What are the most significant ways we might live into our Covenant during the next five years? 

We as a congregation have been part of this ongoing conversation and have grappled with these questions for years now. We heard the voices of our own ministers and guest preachers. We were invigorated by the words and ideas of Susan Beaumont, Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Barbara Brown Taylor, Amy Butler, and Robin Meyers. When Ben Boswell arrived, the Strategic Planning Council engaged his prophetic voice and vision for our Church’s future and began to dream. 

You, our Church members, provided hundreds of ideas about deepening our faith, enriching our relationships, reaching out into the community, and sustaining our Church into the future. It was magnificent to hear so many of your voices! From your input, The Lee Institute partnered with us to pull out the common themes and clearly identify your priorities. Every Strategy in this plan developed from the work you did in Listening Circles and reflects your thinking. Live Forward outlines an ongoing journey calling us to deeper spirituality, deeper commitments to each other and more purposeful ministry in the larger community. Please explore the plan to see how we are answering God’s call to move forever forward in faith. 

LIVE FORWARD Strategic Plan 2017-2022

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