Jesus the Christ in the 21st Century (J21) presents

Dr. Catherine Keller
October 11-13, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our next J21 scholar will be Dr. Catherine Keller. Dr. Keller is the Professor of Constructive Theology at the Theological School of Drew University. A contemporary theologian with concentrations in ecological justice and feminist thought, her teaching, lecturing and writing embraces the relational potential of a theology of becoming. Thriving in the interplay of ecological and gender politics, of process cosmology, poststructuralist philosophy and religious pluralism, her work is both deconstructive and constructive in strategy. Keller’s most recent publication, Cloud of the Impossible: Theological Entanglements, explores the relation of mystical unknowing, material indeterminacy and ontological interdependence. 

Dr. Keller has taught in the Theological and Philosophical Studies Area of Drew’s Graduate Division of Religion since 1986. After completing her studies at the University of Heidelberg and Eden Theological Seminary, she did doctoral work at Claremont Graduate University with John B. Cobb, Jr., and remains involved with the Center for Process Studies. Through her leadership of the Drew Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium since its inception in 2000, she fosters with colleagues and graduate students a hospitable context for its far reaching annual conversations. The TTC has yielded a path-breaking series of co-edited volumes. She also enjoys the monthly conviviality of gatherings in which Ph.D. students discuss their work in progress. 

We are especially excited to welcome Dr. Catherine Keller during the year of our Awakening to Environmental Injustice. The breadth of her work contemplating our divine relationship to the earth will provide a wonderful theological foundation for our year-long exploration. Also, so join us as we prepare for her arrival this fall by reading Keller’s 2008 release, On the Mystery: Discerning God in Process, over the summer [Summer Reading List 2019]. This will be a weekend you will not want to miss! Save the dates, October 11 – 13, 2019, and we’ll look forward to seeing you! 

Other resource to engage Dr. Keller: 

From a Broken Web: Separation, Sexism and Self

Apocalypse Now and Then: A Feminist Guide to the End of the World

Face of the Deep: A Theology of Becoming 

God and Power: Counter-Apocalyptic Journeys.

About the Series: In 1998, then Minister of Adult Education, Reverend Dr. William Dols, and two laypeople began a lecture series inviting nationally renowned Jesus scholars to our church.  The scholars led the church in a series of forums, conversations and sermons, which introduced emerging trends in Christology, particularly related to Jesus of Nazareth.

Since its inception, the series has expanded to explore a wide range of issues and perspectives related to individual and communal faith formation. The annual series is coordinated and led by a group of laypeople, working together with the Minister of Faith Formation. 

Every October a nationally-known scholar, spiritual teacher, or theologian leads a weekend of spiritual discussions and explorations. While Friday evening forums and Sunday sermons are free, tickets are required for Saturday workshops. These workshops often sell out.

Our hope for this series is that it offers the best of contemporary scholarship, Christian theologians and other spiritual teachers to members of Myers Park Baptist, and to the general public. It is our hope that as we expand our minds together, we might grow deeper and closer to God and to our community of faith.

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