In a House Divided

Rev. W. Benjamin Boswell: Mark 3:20-35 – 

What evangelicals call the ‘traditional family’ is in fact the bourgeois or middle-class family, which rose to dominance in the nineteenth century—not accidentally alongside capitalism and, a little later, America the ascendant world power. In this sense the typical evangelical account is accurate in linking family, free enterprise and ‘traditional’ values. And it correctly suggests that changes in this traditional family portend changes—profound, disquieting changes—in our entire society.  ~ Rodney Clapp, Families at the Crossroads 

The blasphemy resulting from bad apologetics will always be pardonable…what is not pardonable is using theology to turn real human liberation into something odious. The real sin against the Holy Spirit is refusing to recognize, with theological joy, some concrete liberation that is taking place before one’s very eyes.   ~ Juan Luis Segundo, Frontiers of Theology in Latin America 

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