Honor the Body – January 13, 2019

Rev. W. Benjamin Boswell: 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 – 
What happened when we became possessed of a dream? We did not find ourselves dreaming of a Church edifice, lovely as this is. We did not dream of an institution. We did not dream of a program. We did not dream of an organization, but we dreamed instead of what God might do with each of us in bringing into actuality our unique, unprecedented, never recurring potentialities.
~ Dr. George Heaton, First Senior Minister, 1957

Maturity is the full development in a human being of the power to be truly and fully one’s self; in being related to others who also have the power to be truly and fully themselves. This is Church. And the Christian church then becomes simply what God has done, does, and will do in Christ to make us human and to keep us human…we have family, and we worship, and wherever our endurance of humanity is truly shared we are in Church. And here, a very great grace spills over on us all.
~ Dr. Carlyle Marney, Second Senior Minister, 1967

Each one of us is distinct, unique. Each one is a story of success and failure. Each one is a personal map of disruption and fragmentation. Each one of us stumbles and walks toward maturity. Each one of us waits for experiences of resurrection. This resurrection is realized through faith. It is historical and supra-historical. It is the newness of life.
~ Dr. Gene Owens, Third Senior Minister, 1992
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