It was 2022 when a groundbreaking ceremony took place, celebrating the coming of the Sugaree Place Apartments to the Hidden Valley area of Charlotte. In a city where housing costs continue to rise and the demand seems to exceed the supply, news of an affordable option for housing might be considered by some to be a God-send. I’m sure if you were to ask the members of Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church, “The Field,” they’d likely agree. It is Mayfield’s acreage that allowed for what is now home to a completed fifty-one (51) unit apartment complex, a place committed to being an affordable option in this ever-increasing housing market.

Myers Park Baptist was an intentional partner of Mayfield’s before and during this project’s progress. So, as the build neared its end and the grand opening approached, MPBC stepped up again in a major way. Led by our Ministry of Justice and Outreach (MOJO), we endeavored to provide each of the units in the complex with a basket filled with essentials to help the residents care for themselves and their new homes. On opening day, a group of MPBC members, along with members of the team from Mayfield, ensured that the baskets we had collected funds for and filled here at MPBC, made their way into the hands and homes of those who now call Sugaree Place home.

Tags: outreach, volunteer opportunity, mojo

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