The Sunshine Fund, a financial fund of our church to help provide temporary financial support to individuals, is nearly depleted. We need your help to reinvigorate the fun. 

Many years ago, the leaders of our church wisely established the Sunshine Fund to create a way for the members of our community to support one another during times of financial hardship. When individuals and families in our community find themselves in need, they can contact one of our ministers who can make a request for benevolence on their behalf from the Sunshine Fund. Traditionally the cash offering on Christmas Eve, along with a few small endowments, replenishes the Sunshine Fund each year. Additionally, some generous members have made significant gifts to the fund in the past as an act of loving their neighbors, providing ongoing support for those in need of temporary assistance. 

As a result of the pandemic, the housing crisis, and increasing inflation, the Sunshine Fund has had a very busy year so far in 2022 and is nearly depleted. In August, we had to make the painful decision to stop providing support until we can increase the fund. 

We know some of our members may just be learning about the Sunshine Fund, so we’ve provided a brief anonymous snapshot below to give you an understanding of the people we’ve been able to help this year through your generosity to this fund. We hope you will consider making a gift to the Sunshine Fund to help us continue to love our neighbors. 

Assistance for families facing housing insecurity – $7,900 
Support for families impacted by incarceration – $7,500 
Tuition assistance – $3,800 
Support for refugees – $400 
Support for families facing food insecurity – $200 
Assistance for families with outstanding bills & utilities – $200 
Total Gifts – $20,000 
Remaining Funds – $4,000 

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