It's About Feeling Wanted & Needed

by Carrie Veal on September 17, 2022

beyond Belonging 

Fall Churchwide theme

Like most college students, I started my time at Stetson University looking for ways to be involved, make friends, and find my community. I went to a lot of different open houses, several events, and of course listened to what classmates were talking about.

It was when I went to the Wesley house, the Methodist campus ministry, that I felt like I had found my community. They were immediately asking me what my gifts were, what my interests were, and how I could use those gifts and interests to make it a better place. They wanted to know who I was and how we could enter into relationship together.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I had found myself in a community unlike any other I had ever experienced. It wasn’t that I just felt that I belonged there, but I felt like I was wanted AND needed. To me, this is what Beyond Belonging means. It means that when I’m not there, I know that I am truly missed. It means that what I bring to the community makes a difference. And that is what we are aiming for this fall at MPBC.

We want to hear from you about your gifts, your interests, your passions and we want to help you use them to get involved and engaged. We want to help you move beyond sitting in the pew to being an active, engaged, and involved member of the community. So how can we help you move from belonging to beyond?

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