Get Connected by Joining a Small Group

three_ladiesMyers Park Baptist Church isn’t just a building, it is a community of people on a journey of faith together.

Over the years, we’ve discovered how strongly our members want to spend time together talking about their faith, exploring new theological ideas, and serving others in need.

This is why we have created two kinds of small groups called Connections Groups and Covenant Groups.

Connections Groups are small groups aimed at helping you connect with new folks at the Church. They are small groups (generally made up of 6-12 people)that last for periods of 6-12 weeks.  They are offered in the Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.  Registration for Winter/Spring 2015 Connections Groups opens January 12 and ends on January 28th.  
Click here to learn more about Connections Groups.

Covenant Groups are ongoing (long-term) small groups that are intended to help you go deeper spiritually with other church members.  Leadership of most Covenant Groups is shared by group members.  The Minister of Faith Formation helps provide resources and ideas for group topics, as well as helping to guide groups through their first period of meeting, as members are getting to know one another.  If you are interested in learning more about Covenant Groups or if you would like information about Covenant Groups that are accepting new members, please contact the Minister of Faith Formation, Chrissy Williamson.

You’ll find that all of our groups provide a welcoming and supportive environment regardless of age, race, gender, orientation or opinion. Bring your questions and your doubts, as well as your joys and heart-felt beliefs. There is a place for you here.

Why Is Myers Park Baptist Church Special to You?

Recently, we asked our congregation to write their answers to the above question on note cards provided in Sunday service. A few of their responses are shown below:

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