Environmental Justice

We advocate and we act...

for our environment.
for us all.

The MOJO Environmental Justice Group affirms that God’s creation breathes together; what impacts One impacts the Whole.  We commit ourselves and as a congregation to the intertwined responsibilities for caring for creation and seeking justice for the oppressed.  Given the current and future climate crisis endangering our environment, we commit ourselves with an urgent sense of calling to protect the planet for our children’s children.  We can all do more to reduce our footprint. We can use our voices individually and collectively.  We reject the global racism that transforms communities of color into poverty stricken environmental sacrifice zones.

Here at Myers Park, the Earthkeepers is a group to explore how spirituality and ecology play a role in the church, connecting the local and global use of resources to ideas of compassion and justice. Our primary goal is education. Our group also cares for and maintains The Point, a meditative space along the side of the church on Roswell Avenue. We oversee the church’s recycling efforts (including batteries) and plan the annual Earth Day worship service. 



Solar Panels at MPBC


Being a community leader on important issues of justice (in this case, environmental justice) has always been important to our Church, so one of the primary purposes of our solar panel system is to serve as a focal point for energy education, both for our congregation and members of the community. We give tours of the system and we have a “Solar Energy Display” mounted in the entrance of the Cornwell Center and is also available below.