Church Staff

Our dedicated staff members may or may not be ordained ministers, but they all embody the Baptist belief that we can serve as priests to one another. Together with ministers and lay leaders, they develop programs, create opportunities for fellowship and outreach, manage the business of church, and serve as stewards of our campus. Our staff is available to answer questions or provide information about specific programs.

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Allen Davis
Director of Youth

(704) 334-7232 x 112
Email Allen

Charlotte Judge
Associate Director of Music

(704) 334-7232 x 121
Email Charlotte

John Richardson

(704) 334-7232 x 146
Email John

Carol Cedar
Operations Assistant

(704) 334-7232 x 100
Email Carol

Judy Freeman
Finance Manager

(704) 334-7232 x 120
Email Judy

Laura Geer
Communications Manager

(704) 334-7232 x 155
Email Laura

Katie Hambrick
Youth Ministry Intern

(704) 334-7232 x 129
Email Katie

Amy Jones
Executive Assistant

(704) 334-7232 x 126
Email Amy

Tom Jones
Technology Project Manager

(704) 334-7232 x 141
Email Tom

Caroline Manning
Program Assistant

(704) 334-7232 x 115
Email Caroline

Rainey Underwood
Events Manager

(704) 334-7232 x 125
Email Rainey

Mike Harris
Property Manager

(704) 334-7232 x 136
Email Mike

David Willingham
Head Custodian

(704) 334-7232 x 157
Email David

Belinda Geuss
Director of Through-The-Week-School

(704) 334-7232 x 122
Email Belinda

Pam Handon
Director of The Cornwell Center

(704) 334-7232 x 601
Email Pam

Joseph Rackley
Audio/Visual Specialist

(704) 334-7232 x 622
Email Seph

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