Our Church Covenant

mpbc_WorldCommunion_2013_3Myers Park Baptist Church was founded in 1943 as a church that preached the gospel and reflected the spirit of religious freedom rooted in the Baptist tradition. Our founding families envisioned a place where people would have the right to interpret scripture for themselves and where congregants could serve as priests to one another.

In 1981, the church drafted the following covenant as our spiritual touchstone to ensure that our journey of faith is one of connection, inclusion, growth, and meaning.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We, the members of the Myers Park Baptist Church, are a people on a journey of faith. By God’s grace we are experiencing God’s love through Jesus Christ and the community of the faithful.

We are discovering in this experience our freedom to become new creatures and our responsibility to be faithful stewards of our lives and of this world.

We will be open to all new light, strengthened by God and each other
in our faith.

We will sustain a critical examination of Scripture, belief and ritual as interpreters of God’s active presence in the world.

We will accept controversy as a reality of life together and an opportunity for growth
toward maturity.

We covenant to be a community of God’s new creation and affirm that we are open to all and
closed to none.

We covenant together to nurture this church as a community of faith and as an instrument for reconciliation in the world: by worship, by Christian education, by the dedication of our personal and material resources, and by all the other ways we express the significance of our lives with God and one another.

We covenant together to be priests celebrating God’s presence in community and in the world, believing we are participants in God’s kingdom on earth.

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