Board of Deacons

Becoming a Deacon at Myers Park Baptist Church is a transparent, democratic process. Our Deacon Board is elected entirely by our membership. Each March, the congregation fills out nomination forms, suggesting up to twelve potential Deacons. Our Ministry of Leadership then tallies nominations and — provided the individuals agree to serve — announces the new Deacon class.

For more information about the Deacons of Myers Park Baptist Church, contact:
Tara Harris, Chair
Board of Deacons

Pastoral Care
Church members and their extended families may experience a range of joys or concerns throughout the year. While our ministers are in close touch with these members, our Pastoral Care Deacons provide an additional level of support. This may involve sending a note, making a phone call or a visit, or coordinating with our Congregational Care Ministry to provide a meal – whatever it takes to help members feel connected to their Myers Park Baptist Church family.  

For more information about our Pastoral Care outreach efforts, contact:
Cam Wester, Coordinator

Chair: Tara Harris
Chair-Elect: Marcy McClanahan
Secretary: Tony Dick

Deacon Class of 2019Deacon Class of 2020Deacon Class of 2021
Robert Barfield 
Bob Bishop
Cindy Clemens
Tara Harris
Ann Hester
Jane Huddle
Elaine Johnson
Jill Kinney
MaryAnn Largen
Ted Phillips
Becky Rizzo
Ed Williams
Saxby Chaplin 
Tony Dick
Susan Green
Ashley Hardy
Ed Largen
Kathryn Maltarich
Jenny Martella
Marcy McClanahan
Peggy Seale
Jeff Trenning
Keith Young
Rick Bahnson 
Lisa Bambach
Elizabeth Chaplin
Steve Cornwell
Scott Flippen
Ryan LaPrade
John Monfore
Tucker Pearsall
Chaz Seale
Elizabeth Stewart
Karen Taylor
Nancy Walker

    Active Life Deacons
    Barbara Linney
    Janet Miller
    Barbara Mishoe
    Ray Owens
    Carol Pearsall
    Richard Pearsall
    Jay Rivers
    Tillie Tice
    Inactive Life Deacons
    Fred Allen
    Bonnie Banks
    Mollie Brugh
    Suzette Buchan
    Don Bynum
    Dick Cornwell
    Frank Dowd
    Gloria Gibson
    Dean Hamrick
    Robin Hicks
    Ed Hinson
    Tom Holmes
    Allen Hull, Sr.
    Jim Kratt
    George Linney
    Jane Lucas
    Ted Lucas
    Todd Rubenson
    Dick Spangler
    Bob Thomason
    Mack Turner
    Bill Walker
    Steve Woodard
    John Wyatt

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