Identity Crisis: Examining Our Identity

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Shalom is the Hebrew word for the peace, harmony, wholeness, well- being, community, equity, justice, goodness, and beauty that exist when we are living in right relationship with God, ourselves, other human beings, and all created things. The Awakening Shalom podcast is an opportunity for digital faith formation at Myers Park Baptist Church that accompanies the Awakening Series, a year long journey of exploration and discernment that invites all people to learn about current social justice issues and how they impact our faith. 


Who are we? How are we communicating who we are? What does it mean to be Baptist? Do denominations even matter anymore? What’s in a name?

We are excited to roll out Identity Crisis: a 4-part podcast series exploring the ever-evolving identity of Myers Park Baptist Church and the “Church” at large. As a people on a journey of faith at the cutting-edge of movements embracing justice, inclusivity and greater diversity, we will examine our identity as we enter into deeper conversations about church clarity and religious branding in the 21st century. Led by Rev. Ben Boswell, Senior Minister and Mia M. McClain, Associate Minister. Listen here and on iTunes.

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Episode 2:

Episode 1: 

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Rev. W. Benjamin Boswell 
Senior Minister

Mia M. McClain 
Associate Minister of Faith Formation and Outreach


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