What is myMPBC? 

  • myMPBC is an online portal for communicating and connecting with fellow Church members.
  • With myMPBC, you can —
    • Access Member Directory information 
    • View Member photos 
    • Confidentially view your own pledges and giving records
    • Make your pledge and give online
    • View Church Ministry and group information
    • Register for Church events
    • View the Church calendar
    • Communicate with groups you have joined
  • You can also view and maintain personal information — 
    • Have you moved?
    • Changed your email address?
    • Changed your phone number?
    • Do you prefer to use your cell as your primary means of voice communications?
    • Or, do you just want to ensure that the Church has your correct and up-to-date information?
    • You can use myMPBC to see the information we have on record for you and easily submit updates online.


    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is my contact information freely available on the Internet? 
      No, your information is available only to other church members who have logged into myMPBC.  Additionally, the server is tested daily to make sure that it is safe from hackers and is protected by 128-bit encryption.

    • What information can other church members see about me? 
      By default, church members can see your name, your home address, preferred phone number and your email address. Other members will not be able to see your personal giving information.

    • Can I limit what information is shown? 
      We would prefer that you allow your name, and contact information to be available to other church members. However, you can limit the information shown as desired.
    • How often is the information refreshed on myMPBC? 
      Requests to change your personal information are reviewed and posted to the database several times a week, so it may take a day or so to see the change. 

    • Why don’t my contributions look right in My Giving History? 
      Contributions from Sunday are typically available in myMPBC by Wednesday of any given week. If you are missing recent gifts, they most likely have not posted yet. If you have other questions, please contact Leigh Anne Hagerman at or 704.334.7232 x116. 

    • Why am I unable to sign up for an account? 
      There are a few reasons that might prohibit you from successfully creating an account on myMPBC. You must enter your first name, last name, and email address exactly as we have them listed in the church membership database. If  you need assistance, contact Tom Jones at or 704.334.7232 x141.  


Sign-Up Instructions 

  1. Click on the “Login to myMPBC” button above.
  2. Click on the “Need a login? Click here” button.
  3. Boxes will appear for you to enter your email address, first name, last name and suffix exactly as they are listed in the Church Directory. After entry, click “Find Me.” 
  4. myMPBC will verify that you are in the Church membership database. You will see a message that says “Congratulations! You have successfully set up a member account. Please check your e-mail inbox for information about your account.” (if you encounter problems, we may not have your current email address in our database, so please email to update your email address.) 
  5. Check your email inbox for a “Thank you for registering” email. Please note your user name. Then using the link, create and confirm your password. 
  6. When you click on “Sign In” you will be on the myMPBC home page. 
  7. Now that you are set up, each time you want to login, all you will need to do is click on the “Login to myMPBC” button above and enter either your user name or email address and your password. 

myMPBC Church Life Mobile App 

You can download the Church Life App to your mobile device using your myMPBC login. You will be able to: 

  • Search the church directoryChurch_Life_App_Logo_web
  • View submitted member photos 
  • Map member addresses 
  • Send a text message or email
  • Add members to your personal contacts 
  • View the Church calendar
  • Register for Church events
  • Give online

Go Mobile! Start using Church Life on your mobile device now! 

Download for iPhone/iPad (iOS 4.2 or higher) 
Find the Church Life app for your iPad under the iPhone applications.

Download for Android (Android 2.2 or higher) 

Download for Windows Phone 

Other mobile devices can enter from any mobile browser.


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