A Bold Welcome

Rev. Chrissy Tatum Williamson: Acts 8:26-40 – Jesus says that those wishing to reflect the character of God must be “makers of peace.” At the center of this was the idea of creating shalom for others, enabling them to have the same access to wholeness, sustenance, justice, and joy as anyone else. It was not merely some internal understanding about the intrinsic value of all people he held in his heart, but the tangible, visible response in the world that affirmed this understanding whenever that value was disregarded. And invariably this making of peace will need to be extended to those whose religious beliefs, politics, and behavior don’t seem to be compatible with our own. We will be required to reach beyond our preferences and comfort. No matter how inclusive or open we imagine our hearts to be, Jesus will always cause us to stretch further than we are comfortable with, always seeking greater diversity, more justice, deeper renovation. ~ John Pavlovitz, A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community
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